Golden Eagle Honda/Acura Vtec Conversion Kit - No Gasket

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Full VTEC Conversion System for people who want to use an LS/VTEC or B20/VTEC set-up. 

Golden Eagle VTEC Conversion Sandwich Plate with a 6AN fitting for the plate and head.
- Oil Sandwich Plate (Sandwich Plate Housing, Sandwich Plate Center Shaft, Retainer clip, O- Ring)
  - 3/4" Boss to AN-6 fitting
  - Vtec Head to AN-6 Conversion fitting
  - 1/8" Pipe Flush Plug

- AN-6 steel braided Teflon hose for oil supply
- Golden Eagle VTEC Conversion Dowels for proper alignment of the head and block without machining
- 1/8 NPT tap and plug for the oil port in the head