Hybrid Racing 70mm Throttle Body K Series

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Hybrid Racing throttle body can bolt directly to a PRB or RBC intake manifold by eliminating the need for an adapter. Each throttle body is supplied with stainless steel mounting hardware for all sensors and the throttle body itself. The kit also includes a custom fit thermal insulating gasket to help you keep intake temps down.
  • Bolts to PRB/PRC, RBC & RRC intake manifolds
  • Deletes Cruise Control
  • Knife-edged 76mm inlet to 70mm bore.
  • Integral Block-off for IACV, MAP sensor, and Emissions Solenoid
  • Retains IACV coolant port for IACV mounting flexibility
  • Stainless steel mounting bolts included
  • Custom Thermal Insulating Gasket Included
  • Staked butterfly bolts for added reliability