Koyo Crossflow Radiator 94-01 Integra

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Koyorad is proud to introduce an additional cooling option for the 94-01 Acura Integra.  This new application alters the Integra’s traditional downflow radiator in favor of a more efficient crossflow style radiator.  Altering the flow direction allowed the relocation of the upper radiator mounts for a simplified top plate, improving the radiator’s the appearance within the engine bay.  Koyorad’s 36mm Hypercore was selected to increase the thickness of the stock radiator to boost the Integra’s heat capacity and endurance which is especially helpful during track conditions.  The all-aluminum construction replaces the weak plastic tanks found on the stock unit. Koyorad has engineered this radiator with precision and retains the OEM style lower mounting pins, a billet filler neck, bleed/drain plugs and mounting provisions for universal electric fans.


  • All aluminum TIG welded and fully brazed core construction
  • Crossflow, high density Hyper core
  • Dual Pass NFLO partition
    • 1/8 PT sensor port w/ supplied plug
  • Inlet and Outlets both located on Passenger Side (US)
  • Two Row construction
  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Billet Bleed/Drain plugs
  • Billet Filler Neck
    • Provisions for universal fans
  • Triple Pressure tested